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Seeking the Ideal Candidate for Your Company?

Finding the best candidate for a vacancy is a critical decision that depends on how you search for, choose, and interview potential applicants. It is not easy to come across ideal candidates, as competent talent is always in high demand. When you consider that most qualified professionals are not looking for immediate career changes, connecting with the right fit can be time-consuming and expensive. That is why, as a reputed provider of employment services in Singapore, FK Human Resources is here to expedite the process on your behalf. 

As a hiring solution partner with a solid understanding of both local and international recruitment markets, we allow you to access a broad pool of talent and high-quality candidates from a variety of industries. Our team of consultants specialises in building valuable professional connections with our applicant database and linking highly qualified candidates with the best firms that fit their skill sets. We prioritise professionalism and sincerity when building professional relationships, as we understand that companies are driven by highly engaged and dedicated personnel. Our recruitment agency services encompass the entire employment and business cycle and include the following human resource solutions.

employment services singapore


Full recruitment cycle services for foreign employees, including:

  • Consultation of recruitment

  • Candidates sourcing according to the client’s needs

  • Shortlisting of candidates

  • Interview arrangement

  • Full cycle of work pass application & issuance

  • Transport from the airport and arranging accommodation

  • Orientation & training

  • Post-recruitment follow-up services

  • Repatriation services

  • Work pass upgrading services such as upgrading WP to SP, SP to EP

  • Free 24-hour consultation for both employers and employees

Foreign-Manpower Service
employment services singapore


Full recruitment cycle services for local staffing, including:

  • Consultation of recruitment

  • Candidates sourcing according to the client’s requirements

  • Shortlisting of candidates

  • Pre-interview by the consultant who is handling the client’s account

  • Post-interview arrangements with clients

  • Orientation & training

  • Post-recruitment follow-up services

  • Free 24-hour consultation for both employers & employees

Campus recruitment service for interns & graduates @ Polytechnics and Universities.

Industry Sectors that we serve:

  • Service

  • Manufacturing

  • Construction

  • Process & Marine

  • Others

Local Staffing Service

Other Services We Offer

Why Choose FK Human Resources for Your Employment Services in Singapore

Along with our recruitment services, FK Human Resources also offers insights and guidance to assist our clients to succeed in a dynamic world of work. Our clientele consists of local small and medium-sized businesses across Singapore that belong to a variety of industries. In these firms, the processes for discovering and developing the proper skills, as well as managing people, are constantly evolving. This is mainly due to changes in job roles, required skill sets and workspaces.

We are dedicated to consistently enhancing our service offerings to ensure that you receive the best employment services in Singapore specifically tailored to your unique requirements. Our expert consultants will collaborate with you to uncover the finest solutions to help your company, with an ever-evolving workplace, succeed. Get in touch with our team today!

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