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Human resource outsourcing is a cost-effective approach to delegating HR management to an external service provider. It enables your firm to save time and money spent on administrative tasks. As a leading provider of HR outsourcing in Singapore, at FK Human Resources, we offer holistic solutions for your HR requirements. We deliver one-stop HR services for your human resource operations, enhancing HR efficiency and coordination.

We recognise that many business owners are concerned about losing control of their firms during an outsourcing process. However, as an experienced external service provider, we can assist you with your ongoing HR requirements. Our expert team will help you gain better control over your human resource procedures, improving productivity and lowering costs. Outsourcing HR services in Singapore allows you to anticipate the enhancement of your company’s human resource management systems while freeing up time to focus on business growth. 

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Why Select FK Human Resources for Your HR Outsourcing in Singapore

We believe that human capital is critical to the valuation of a firm. Therefore, dedicating sufficient time and resources to further develop your employees through upskilling and reskilling initiatives can provide a significant competitive edge for your company. We at FK Human Resources specialise in supporting start-ups and SMEs with organising HR functions as well as successfully attracting and retaining exceptional talent. We have been delivering HR outsourcing services for over a decade and are well-versed in most personnel-related challenges in companies, as well as proper solutions for them.

Our client-oriented service culture enables us to better understand the HR issues you encounter on a daily basis and develop long-term relationships with you. Partnering with us for your HR outsourcing needs will ensure that you receive the necessary assistance and support. Reach out to us at +65 6749 9849, and let us guide you every step of the way!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Would My Company Require HR Outsourcing Services?

How Do I Select an HR Outsourcing Company?

What is the Standard Implementation Timeline for an HR Outsourcing Solution?

A company may opt to outsource its HR functions for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common ones are, 

  • Minimising administrative expenses.

  • Gaining access to the best HR expertise and resources.

  • Increasing recruitment and retention rates.  

  • Enhancing adherence to labour laws and regulations.

  • Improving focus on key business operations by freeing up internal resources.

HR outsourcing in Singapore eliminates the risk and resources required to hire and train an in-house HR department. It allows you to collaborate with specialists who will oversee your HR operations from start to finish.

When choosing an HR outsourcing provider for your firm, keep the following aspects in mind. 

  • The provider’s knowledge and experience with local labour laws and regulations.

  • The variety of services they offer.

  • Their professional reputation and service track record.

  • Whether their pricing corresponds to the service quality.

Seeking out references, customer reviews, and, at times, even case studies can help with evaluating these components.

The timeline to deploy an HR outsourcing solution is determined by the size and complexity of the company’s HR concerns, as well as the services needed. Depending on your company’s specific requirements, we will offer you an implementation timeframe before proceeding.

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